Hi. My name is Andy. I'm a geologist from Canada who has been collecting minerals for decades and now I have added meteorite collecting to my hobby. This blog is loaded with photos of my personal collection of minerals and meteorites. I have also been adding my own photos of what I think is cool and interesting geology. Unless I indicate otherwise, all the microscope photos and macro photos have been taken by myself. Please use the "Ask me anything" option to leave comments or questions. I'd love to hear from you.

28th December 2013


Seymchan iron/pallasite meteorite from Magadan District, Russia. Weight is 17 grams. ┬áThe pallasite meteorite slice shown here consists of iron-nickel matrix with floating peridote crystals. These types of meteorites are thought to have originated from the core-mantle boundary of large, differentiated asteroids where the hot iron-nickel core mixed with the peridote (olivine) crystals of the deep mantle. After cooling and solidifying, the asteroid collided with another body causing fragmentation and exposing the deep core-mantle portion. Pallasites are a very rare type of meteorite. Upper photos are taken with microscope at 10X to show the detail of the peridote crystals and iron matrix. The beautiful image with the back-light shinning through the olivine crystal is what gives these meteorites the name “gems of the solar system”.

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